During an onsite consultation, we will take numerous photos of the surrounding space to ensure that we can create the design that best fits the needs of the customer.  This includes taking pictures of other finishes that are to be matched in different lighting conditions to help us better design the finish of the piece.  We will also take detailed measurements of the room and space where the piece will be located, as well as other key pieces of furniture.  This is all in preparation for the design process that allows us to create a rendering of what the finished room will look like.
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Delivery:  After construction is complete, THJ will deliver the custom furniture to the customer's location within a 4 hour drive of Dallas, Texas.  Care instructions will also be provided at this time.  All orders outside of this area will require negotiating freight options.

Consultation:  Each piece of custom furniture begins with a consultation to determine the specifications of the piece to be built.  For simpler pieces the consultation can take place over the phone and via email, however for larger custom pieces, a personal onsite consultation may be required.  This is especially true if the piece of furniture or woodworking piece must fit in a specific space within the customer's home or business, or if the wood or finish must closely match existing colors or finishes.
Design:  After the consultation, THJ will create an initial 3D model of the piece of furniture that will show key joinery details, direction of grain, estimated size and scale of the piece, as well as a general representation of the general color of the piece of furniture.  The initial model is reviewed with the customer for preliminary approval of the key design elements and general appearance.  After the preliminary approval is received, a detailed model of the room or space will be created.  This will provide a representation of the final size of the piece of furniture in relation to the rest of the room.  This final design will also include creating detailed construction drawings.

After final acceptance of the design, a firm price estimate will be provided that encompasses all design elements.  The customer also has the option to only purchase the design, including detailed construction drawings with measurements.
Construction:  Once the design and final price are agreed upon, construction will begin.  This begins with procurement of raw lumber.  Some lumber is locally available, which allows construction to begin quickly.  Exotic hardwoods may have to be shipped in before beginning.  Since we work with raw wood, it is important to allow the lumber to acclimate to the local environmental conditions for a couple of weeks.  This helps prevent the wood from 'moving' or warping after construction.
During the construction process, the customer will have the ability to login to a private web site to see pictures of the process of the piece of furniture.  At any time during the build, the customer is welcome to come by to check on progress in person.  An appointment is necessary prior to a personal visit.
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The Harbaugh Joinery specializes in the design and construction of fine wood furniture.  Products not only include furniture, but also turned vessels, home accents, pens, and gifts.  We can provide one of a kind custom designs or we can closely replicate commercially available pieces in solid hardwood.  Each piece is handcrafted from solid hardwood from both domestic and exotic species to meet the unique needs of each customer.  For larger custom projects, the build process consists of four phases - Consultation, Design, Construction, and Delivery.
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